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I'd like to know why when we were at Michelangeli’s we couldn't go to his concerts. We had to go incognito...
He wasn’t supposed to see us...he didn't have to know we were there...I don't know why...Can you figure out why?

She asks me and Daniel.
I answered that no one can know; it might be that, in that way, you would be more interested in him...
Daniel says that perhaps it was because he was a perfectionist...sometimes after playing a concert he played the same program in order to criticize himself...

The other day in Milan I wanted to play “Cinderella” again because I didn't like it the first time, and I wanted to play it better.

Sometimes I also told my friends not to come, but it wasn't a joke...because I didn't feel at ease...

I remember a remark, I was at a recital in New York, Michelangeli was playing and there was Rubinstein too...and I was in a box together with Mrs Horowitz, Wanda Toscanini...and at a certain point Michelangeli played a sonata by Scarlatti...or Soler, I don't remember...he doubled the bass with the octave and Wanda said: “I can't stand those doubled basses!”
So I got angry and said: “Madame, you should be used to it!” and she answered at once “which is exactly why I can’t stand it!”

We laugh about Mrs Wanda's cleverness and quick comeback.

Fear? On stage, in public, why are we afraid?
Sometimes I’m very scared, and sometimes not.

Aldo Ciccolini asked a lot people what they were scared of. He asked a woman, a striptease dancer, if she was scared to do her show and the woman answered she didn't like to be looked even if it was her job. That’s incredible, isn't?

People think that I want to play, they think “she wants to show what she can do”, but it isn't true; that’s absurd, isn't it?

It's after 2 a.m., I'm sleepy...Martha, how should we finish this?

Nothing has an end. There’s only the path we take...

[b Martha Argerich for Pianoforum by Pepe
Geneva, 1st February 2010
Translation: Macri (January 2012)[/b]

(*)   = Daniel Rivera
(**) = Akane Sakai

Copyright Pianoforum
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